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Saint Joseph College, a Catholic learning institution, places a high priority on your privacy. It collects and processes personal information of students, employees, and other stakeholders, in print and non-print resources, upon application in accordance with its operations, academic and administrative, as permitted by law in pursuit of the school’s interests and objectives. It strictly abides by the implementing rules and regulations of the National Privacy Commission (NPC).

Personal Data Collected and Manner of Collection

The institution collects Personal Data upon application, registration for enrollment and during the course of Student, and Parent/Guardian’s engagement with the institutiion. We also collect Personal Information of employees upon application until placement of the employee.

Personal Information Collected:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Birthday and Birthplace
  • Health Records
  • Contact Number / Email
  • Parents'/Guardian's Information
  • Income
  • Scholastic Information
  • ID Number
  • Service Record
  • Name of Children
  • College Admission Test Result
  • Subject Load Curricular/Co-curricular/Extracurricular Involvements
  • Photos/voice or video recordings
  • Other relevant information
  • Spouse Name and Occupation

We collect Personal Data through

  • personal interaction with students together with their parents/guardian, employees and job applicants
  • paper and electronic documents including but not limited ot enrollment forms, emails, invoices, application forms, letters to the institution, consent forms/waivers, website
  • school-based software applications
  • students services forms and documents
  • CCTV camera footage

Basis, Use and Purpose for Processing of Personal Data

The data shall be used for the following purposes:

  • Compilation of Permanent Record
  • Student Profiling
  • Research
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Tracer Studies
  • Follow-up
  • Insurance
  • Certification of Affiliation
  • Retirement Claims
  • Placement
  • Awards / Recognitions
  • Employment References
  • Other relevant purposes

Moreover, we may collect other personal data that are relevant and necessary to perform our mandate of providing compliance support and data subject assistance.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Only authorized in-house offices and entities such as CHED, DepEd, TESDA, PRC, receiving schools in case of transfer, host training agencies, and other agencies – government or private – that the school recognizes and engages with in implementing its operations, are given access in the event that data may need to be shared and disclosed whether physically or electronically.

Risks Involved

Risk refers to the potential of an incident to result in harm or danger to a data subject or organization. Risks may lead to the unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, or access to personal data. It includes risks involving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data or the risk that processing will violate the general data privacy principles and the rights of data subjects.

Data Protection and Security

We safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal information by maintaining a combination of organizational, physical, and technical security measures based on generally accepted data privacy and security standards.

Storage and Retention

The data collected are stored in locked rooms and cabinets, encrypted servers, web pages, and cloud storage. These are retained for an indicated period determined by the school and by law for historical, statistical, and other purposes, otherwise, all records will be disposed of securely.


Physical records shall be disposed of through shredding, while digital files shall be deep formatted. In all instances, disposal shall ensure that the personal information shall no longer be retrieved, processed, or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Rights of Data Subject

Under the DPA, you have the right to be informed regarding processing the personal information we hold about you.

Further, you may be entitled to request:

  1. Access to personal data we process about you. It is your right to obtain confirmation on whether or not data relating to you are being processed;
  2. Rectification of your personal data. This is your right to have your personal data corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
  3. Erasure or order blocking of your personal data whenever warranted;
  4. The right to object if the personal data processing involved is based on consent or on legitimate interest;
  5. The right to data portability through which you may obtain and electronically move, copy, or transfer your data securely for further use.

You may claim compensation if you believe you suffered damages due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of personal data or for violating your rights and freedoms as a data subject.

If you think that your personal information has been misused, maliciously disclosed, or improperly disposed of or that your data privacy rights have been violated. In that case, you have a right to file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission.

Changes in Privacy Notice

The provisions of this notice may change for updating and shall be published for wide information dissemination.


For further information and concerns about how the school processes the personal information it holds, please contact the school’s duly designated Data Protection Officer at