Vision, Mission and Goals


Saint Joseph College, a Catholic School, envisions an evangelized and evangelizing community providing excellent integral education and involvement in social transformation.


We commit: to build the Saint Joseph College Educative Family (SJCEF) centered on Christ; to form every member into an integral human person imbued with the gospel values and equipped with excellent quality education; and to be an active agent in making a humane society.


  1. To establish the Saint Joseph College Educative Family in which all the members are represented and to participate harmoniously in the attainment of its Vision/Mission.
  2. To form students who are imbued with Christian conviction, academically and professionally competent, vocationally and technically skilled, who are able to make sound judgment and sensible decision to become active agents of social transformation.
  3. To promote the well-being and to enhance the professional qualification of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
  4. To upgrade the instructional materials and delivery system to make them responsive to the needs of the time.
  5. To inculcate Christian values by integrating them in all subject areas and activities of the institution.
  6. To give witness to the life of authentic faith humble service in the community.
  7. To provide opportunities for an on-going formation of all the members of the Saint Joseph College Educative Family.