Vision, Mission and Goals


Saint Joseph College, a Catholic School, envisions an evangelized and evangelizing community providing excellent integral education and involvement in social transformation.


We commit: to build the Saint Joseph College Educative Family (SJCEF) centered on Christ; to form every member into an integral human person imbued with the gospel values and equipped with excellent quality education; and to be an active agent in making a humane society.


Goal 1 (Related to Community / Family.)

To deepen the culture of love, respect and service among the members of SJCEF


  1. To strengthen the SJCEF Day celebrations by holding it four times a year.
  2. To conduct orientation on school policies, programs and activities at the start of the school year.
  3. To establish strong linkages among the members by conducting quarterly and special meetings and creating updated directories.
  4. To keep the alumni updated of the School Development Plan through the official website and well- organized annual alumni homecoming.
  5. To deepen love, loyalty and commitment of all members to the School by singing the School Hymn every morning.
  6. To explore opportunities to enhance communication between parents and the School by developing an annual parent educational program focusing on current issues relating to parenting, positive psychology and children’s education.
  7. To affirm, ensure, and promote the equality of women and men by implementing the CHED- sponsored GAD programs and activities.

Goal 2 (Related to Religious / Catholic Identity.)

To teach and proclaim the gospel values and be good living examples of Catholic faith


  1. To strengthen the religious and values education at all levels by reviewing the content and methodology and updating the teachers through trainings and seminars annually.
  2. To continue develop in all students and teachers love for the Holy Eucharist by holding daily class mass at all levels observing proper behavior and active participation.
  3. To provide models for all members by introducing and observing feast days of class/college courses patron saints.
  4. To grow in the life of prayer and holiness among the faculty, staff and students by reciting together a short morning, midday, 3 o’clock, and evening prayers and by continuing the practice of starting and ending the class/meeting with a prayer.
  5. To promote vocation, piety, and spiritual growth by organizing religious clubs at all levels.
  6. To continue giving information to staff, students, and parents of an understanding and meaning of all symbols, icons, and rituals associated with the School.
  7. To develop strategies to enhance and increase the School involvement with the Diocese and especially with the parish.

Goal 3 (Related to Education)

To continue develop and excel in academics, research, sports, arts and culture


  1. To strengthen the curricular programs by designing and implementing the Outcomes – Based Education (OBE) for life preparation for students starting this academic year.
  2. To monitor closely the teaching standards of the faculty by regular observation and evaluation starting this academic year.
  3. To provide opportunities for students to actively participate in different local and international competitions by creating a committee to raise funds for them and giving them scholarships, awards or recognition.
  4. To improve the school’s research capability by encouraging and offering incentives to teachers and students engaged in research.
  5. To strengthen the Research Office by creating an institutional research review committee starting this academic year.
  6. To develop a series of Pastoral Care programs that will enable the School to be known as a “lighthouse school” in fighting bullying, especially cyber-bullying.
  7. To preserve and promote regional and national arts and culture by creating an institutional office for arts and culture.

Goal 4 (related to Facilities)

To provide facilities that ensure quality education for global competitiveness.


  1. To enrich the teaching and learning process by adopting the e-learning program in all levels starting this academic year.
  2. To improve the school physical structure by providing facilities that are safe, functional and conducive to learning, teaching and working.
  3. To upgrade laboratory equipment in all levels by conducting regular inventory, assessment and procurement of modern devices to be at par with other advanced schools.
  4. To provide functional faculty lounge by constructing an upgraded faculty room.
  5. To continue implementation of Building and Grounds Beautification Plan.
  6. To keep abreast of all new technological devices, software and applications as they move into the marketplace.
  7. To facilitate orderliness in the school by providing spacious parking area and PWD passages.

Goal 5 (related to Administration)

To promote the well-being of SJCEF members.


  1. To maintain the School at a high level (heart of excellence) by re-launching its application to PAASCU for accreditation starting with the Junior High up to College courses.
  2. To review and implement the salary scheme according to the promotion and ranking guidelines.
  3. To reduce faculty and staff turn over by continuously supporting them in their need through financial and medical assistance.
  4. To ensure the nutritional value and affordability of the foods in the school canteens by creating quality food assurance committee.
  5. To develop parent/guardian/student well-being programs for recess and lunch time periods that encourage creativity, collaboration and resilience.
  6. To promote the school by using social media, disseminating pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and posting billboards at strategic places.
  7. To review and implement the housing program and car loans for faculty and staff.

Goal 6 (related to Faculty Development)

To offer opportunities for personal and professional growth through research and extension


  1. To review the school policies on availing scholarships and other grants for post graduate studies before continuing such program.
  2. To identify programs sponsored by other agencies which deserve the financial support of the administration.
  3. To send faculty and staff to conventions, conferences, seminars and fora related to their professions.
  4. To improve the quality of service of the school personnel by conducting visits to other institutions for benchmarking.
  5. To uphold the teacher’s role in leading the implementation of the school policies in their respective classrooms.
  6. To establish more flexible teaching and learning spaces within the School which will enhance collaborative learning.
  7. To implement structures and processes to support consistent teacher judgment and practices.

Goal 7 (related to Extension Services)

To show love and concern of the school for others and society through community and social action programs.


  1. To strengthen the school’s community engagement and social responsibility by training a coordinator and reviewing the existing community extension program.
  2. To continue the program of getting the school’s faculty and staff involved in public affairs by letting them offer their expertise outside to different offices, agencies, and communities in need.
  3. To establish closer relationship with our adopted community by identifying and personally visiting the recipients.
  4. To make our school open by giving immediate response to victims of natural and man -made calamities through financial, physical, medical, psychological, and spiritual assistance.
  5. To continue responding to the needs of the homeless by building one house for the poor every year during the celebration of the Founding Day of Saint Joseph College.
  6. To get closer to the marginalized by hosting a yearly banquet for the senior citizens, widows, and orphaned children.
  7. To design a program for our graduating students to immerse themselves in certain depressed areas of the community.