Saint Joseph College
God, Country, Knowledge



  • 1. The School Library offers services to support the school main objectives.
  • 2. The School Library offers instructions to library users.
  • 3. The School Library provides instructional materials for teachers and learners.
  • 4. The School Library stimulate and guide learners in all phases of their reading that they may find increasing enjoyment and satisfaction and may grow in critical judgement and appreciation.


  • 1. To acquire, organize and provide materials in line with school curriculum.
  • 2. To teach formally the use of library and its resources.
  • 3. To coordinate with the classroom teachers and supply their needs on instructional materials.
  • 4. To provide library users a reading area and other library facilities.


  • 1. Students should have a LIBRARY CARD to avail library materials relevant to their students.
  • 2. Students can borrow one book at a time subject to rules on circulation.
  • 3. Lending of Library Card to other students is prohibited.
  • 4. Books can be taken out from the library for OVERNOON and OVERNIGHT use. Over noon use will starts at 11:00 am, for overnight use will be at 5:00 in the afternoon.
  • 5. Books for over noon use should be returned at 2:00 pm of the same day and over night use should be at 7:30 am the following day. Returning these books after the hours indicated is subject to PENALTIES.
  • 6. Reference books or books used in the classroom should be used only for one hour inside the library. However, it can be renewed for another hour if there is nobody who calls for the same book.
  • 7. General Reference books should only be used inside the library.
  • 8. NEWSPAPER and MAGAZINES should only be used inside the library.
  • 9. FICTION BOOKS can be borrowed for one week renewable again for another week unless another reader had put in a request for the same book.
  • 10.FACULTY MEMBERS are allowed the maximum of 10 reference books which they are supposed to use for their subject areas they are assigned to teach but not for the use .


For OVERDUE books the following are charge:

  • 1. One hour overdue - a finer of P1.00 per day including Sundays and Holidays. .
  • 2. Fine should be paid immediately upon returning the books or books overdue, otherwise the library card shall be retained in the library until fines are paid .
  • 3. Lending of Library card to other student for his use would be fined P25.00 pesos for both the user and the lender.

NOTE: Should there be any question as to these rules, please feel free to see the Director of the Library. Thank you for your cooperation.